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  • 19 Dec

    One Of A Kind: How To Design Your Own Engagement Ring In Annapolis

    When it comes to your relationship, your love is special and unlike any other. Honor your unique connection with a ring that is one of a kind.  Your special someone deserves the best engagement ring—one that stands out and is rare. Whether it's a surprise or you're creating it together. Here's how to design your own engagement ring!  Why Design Your Own Engagement Ring? For some of us, the traditional diamond engagement ring just isn't our style. You may envision a particular design that has meaning and symbolism specifically to you and your partner. Before you ...

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  • 05 Dec

    Top 4 Jewelry Trends of 2019

    One of the biggest trends in jewelry is that women are buying pieces for themselves.  In 2016 women accounted for a third of nonbridal diamond jewelry sales. This trend has only continued to grow in recent years.  So why not consider one of these jewelry trends and select a piece for yourself? Keep your eye out for these jewelry trends the next time you go shopping.  1. Gold Hoops We love this trend because it gives you complete freedom in how you wear your gold hoops. You could keep it casual and pair them with a tank ...

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  • 15 Oct

    Your Guide to Jewelry Care: How to Maintain Your Precious Pieces

    Have you recently acquired a new piece of fine jewelry? Lucky you! You already know how beautiful your new bauble is, but you may not know the jewelry maintenance you'll need to undertake to keep your new piece shining. Your new jewelry requires proper care and maintenance to retain its beauty and value. Not all jewelry cleaning styles are created equally, though.  Read on to learn more about jewelry care and how to ensure that your new piece stays as beautiful as it looks today. Keep It Clean: Cleaning Your Jewelry Keeping your jewelry clean is no small ...

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  • 02 Oct

    Will You Be My Forever? A Guide on How to Pick an Engagement Ring

    Over 2 million couples get married every year, and most of those marriages start with an engagement ring.  If you're planning to pop the question soon, the engagement ring shopping process might feel overwhelming.  But don't panic. We've put together this guide to show you how to pick an engagement ring your partner will love.  So let's get started!  Come up with a Budget  Before you start shopping for an engagement ring, you need to decide on a budget.  This will do a few things for you.  First of ...

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  • 29 Oct

    The Annapolis Jewelers Experience

    Here at Annapolis Jewelers and Precious Metals we treat each client like family and it all starts the moment you walk in the door. Each piece is fresh and unique and can be customized to your specification. We buy our diamonds direct and all work is performed in house by master goldsmiths, so your piece is a one-of-kind at price less than commercialized mass produced pieces. Come let us make your vision a reality.

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  • 29 Oct

    Precious Metals

    History Established in 1994 by James Burick, master goldsmith and owner, Annapolis Jewelers and Precious Metals is a boutique, custom jeweler the bordering the heart of Annapolis; coincidence, we don’t think so. Since 1994, we have created thousands of one of a kind engagement rings and custom pieces. We import our diamond directly and always offer “less than internet” pricing with your local personal care. We offer great service at very competitive prices you cannot find elsewhere in our jewelry store. Our jewelry store can offer you a range of pieces for every budget, from something trendy to something exquisite and ...

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  • 29 Oct

    Custom Pieces

    Everyday we receive at least one phone from a customer that want’s a custom piece, but has no idea where to start. Our approach is to listen first and then ask specific questions to help us brainstorm new ideas for each customer.

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