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We Are Happy to Service All Carlynda Jewelers Clients


  • 29 Sep

    Jewelry Appraisal: 5 Things to Watch Out For

    When you own a lot of jewelry, you should always know what it's worth. An understanding of jewelry appraisal is more complicated than you might think. If you want a clear idea of how much your collection is worth, however, you can't just guess. When it comes time to sell your pieces, you should get as much for them as you possibly can. Today, we're going to tell you 5 things that you should watch out for when getting jewelry appraised. Whatever the reason for doing the appraisal, it's important that you get it right so that ...

    September 29th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 07 Jul

    Should I Sell My Old Jewelry I No Longer Need?

    Do you have a lot of old jewelry lying around? Are you confused as to what you should do with it? Deciding what to do with your old jewelry can be difficult. Let's go through some of the reasons you may want to sell your old jewelry. Your Jewelry Is Attached To Painful Memories Have you recently gone through a painful divorce? Do you have a lot of old wedding or anniversary jewelry that you can't bear to look at or wear? Well, why not make some money off the remains of your marriage? Selling your old jewelry can be ...

    July 7th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 30 Jun

    Everything You Need to Know About the History of Jewelry

    With over 800 historical jewels, Kazumi Arikawa currently ranks as the man with the most valuable jewelry you could ever imagine in the world. Such a collection of jewelry would easily make Kazumi fit into the ancient ruling class. Jewelry has had a historical linkage to royalty since antiquity. The value attached to such jewels to date is the reason for the booming modern jewelry industry. But where did all this begin?  The history of jewelry is intriguing. You may need to travel back in time as early as during the ancient Roman history. So buckle up, as we ...

    June 30th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 27 Apr

    4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Jewelry Design

    Buying jewelry is always exciting. In fact, more than 38 million people buy a new piece of fine jewelry each year. While the reason behind those purchases ranges from gift-giving to accessorizing, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: it’s the best way to showcase your personality. Fine jewelry can last for decades and while existing collections are beautiful, they’re not always ideal. If you’re looking to get the best value and most unique look, investing in a custom jewelry design is an absolute must. Here are a few great reasons to work with a jeweler ...

    April 27th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 20 Apr

    Trending Now: 5 Gorgeous Popular Gemstones in 2020

    Fashion is always changing and people aren’t just looking at the diamond for inspiration. With so many gemstones available now and for less money, you can make a statement with almost anything. Women are asking for sapphire, opal, and any other gemstone for their engagement rings, and this is a huge shift. Diamonds aren’t the only horse in the race anymore. Check out our most popular gemstones for 2020 below. Popular Gemstones of 2020 Blue and the color of the sea are the two topics on everyone’s mind for 2020 when it comes to style and fashion. Pantone set ...

    April 20th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 02 Apr

    The Right Fit: Signs You Need an Engagement Ring Resizing

    Did you know that the average groom spends around $2,500-$3,000 for an engagement ring? If the ring also includes different types of precious stones, such as diamonds or rubies, the price can go up by several thousand dollars. However, at some point in your life, you also need to think of engagement ring resizing. That's because the fingers might slightly change their thickness overtime or the ring doesn't fit right from the start. Here are a few signs that might make you decide whether you need to get a ring resized or not. The Ring Creates a ...

    April 2nd, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 04 Mar

    Buying the Right Diamond for the Right Person in the Right Budget at the Right Place

    Buying the right diamond for that special someone can come with a lot of pressure, especially when there are so many options out there. Make it easier on yourself by learning what to look for when trying to pick the perfect stone.  Keep reading for a complete guide on what to keep in mind when diamond shopping.  Keep an Eye Out for Cut  The cut of the diamond is basically how many surfaces of the diamond there are and how they're arranged. The cut has a lot to do with the shape of the diamond, and ...

    March 4th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 18 Feb

    The Charming History of Charm Bracelets

    Ever wonder about those bracelets with all the different trinkets hanging off them? Who came up with them and how long have they been around? Charm bracelets have taken a new turn in recent years, but they've been a staple of self-expression for centuries. What charms mean has also shifted over time, but the underlying purpose has remained the same. The long history of charm bracelets speaks to our desire as humans to self-identify and express what matters most to us. What Are Charm Bracelets? A charm bracelet is simply a piece of jewelry, worn around the wrist, that ...

    February 18th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 14 Feb

    5 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

    December is the most popular month to pop the question, with 14% of couples getting engaged. If you missed the window, your next opportunity to propose is Valentine's day.  Ring shopping can be overwhelming, so it's best to start with the basics. Learn about the most popular engagement ring styles so you can narrow down what your significant other would like.  These five rings are the most popular styles for engagement rings.  1. Diamond Solitaire Other style fads may come and go, but the solitaire is forever. This classic single stone is an everlasting favorite due to its subtle ...

    February 14th, 2020 Read More Comments
  • 28 Jan

    Independent Jeweler vs. Chain Store

    Jewelry is something that is special for all of us. It can be a symbol of love, achievement, or other things we hold dear. Purchasing jewelry is often one of the biggest investments we make during our lives. Certainly, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. This holds true now more than ever as we try to be both smart and ethical consumers. One of the many decisions you'll have to make is choosing between an independent jeweler or one of the major international corporations. In the following article, we've laid out a number of factors ...

    January 28th, 2020 Read More Comments