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At Annapolis Jewelers, we understand the value of the almighty Dollar, and the hard work that goes into earning it. Therefore, we strive to bring you best deals for fine jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. Whether it’s for a wedding proposal, anniversary, or any other special occasion, we can fulfill your needs.

Annapolis Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store. We carry the finest bracelets, rings, engagement jewelry, charms, earrings and more. We have been serving the Crofton, Bowie and Annapolis areas since 1991.


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We are a full-service jewelry store, experts in what we provide.

At Annapolis Jewelers, we do all kind of jewelry repairs. Our Master Jewelers have over 45 years of experience in the industry.

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Annapolis Jewelers are also specialists in restoration of fine and costume jewelry.

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November 27th, 2020

How to Choose a Wedding Ring With a Personal Touch

Did you know that the average woman will experience love and heartbreak twice before finding her soulmate? Well, it's true. Additionally, she'll kiss around 15 people before finally finding the one to trust with her whole self. The course of true love never did run smooth, and finding that special someone is hard. Luckily, finding a unique ring to wear at the end of the aisle shouldn't be that much of a challenge. Here, we're going to give you 5 tips on how to choose a wedding ring, so read on to make your special day even more romantic! 1. Consider Their ...

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November 19th, 2020

What to Do: Sell or Repurpose Your Jewelry?

Sales of new jewelry generate around $40 billion every year. But what about older pieces you already own that you no longer want? You might have jewelry on hand that you're not sure what to do with. When it comes to these items that you already own, you have a few options. You can keep them for another time or give them away. You can also sell or repurpose your older pieces. If you're curious about how you can repurpose jewelry or if it's better just to sell it, we've got the info you need. Keep reading to learn which ...

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October 29th, 2020

11 Interesting Facts About Diamonds (Number 5 Will Surprise You)

Diamonds have been synonymous with luxury, glamor, and good taste since time immemorial. Today, the global trade in diamonds is worth a staggering $87.31 billion and spans every corner of the globe. Whether as a stylish accessory or a valuable asset, diamonds continue to fascinate and inspire people the world over. With that in mind, here are 11 interesting facts about diamonds you probably didn't know.  1. Diamonds Are Billions of Years Old One of the most interesting facts about diamonds is that the oldest ones known to man are at least 3 billion years old. The process and pressures needed ...

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  • Thank you James for your wonderful advice. I will be back!!

  • James was great to work with when I was picking out an engagement ring. He ended up creating a custom ring that was beautiful. We also got our wedding rings from him, and he will continue to be the first person I go to when I need jewelry. I highly recommend going here.

  • Wonderful selection of lovely and unique pieces. James has done several repairs for me and ordered special items over the years. This is my go-to jeweler!

  • Whenever I have been there I've always found efficient service, interesting stock and welcoming staff.

  • This a great shop and it is right here in Annapolis. Today I visited the store and enjoyed browsing and purchasing some fine jewelry from the trunk show. I met the designer and learned of her technique and style. Beautiful opals and other precious gemstones. Her work is always available in house “Michou” If you have a chance today to get out and meet Michele Soner you will enjoy the opportunity. She will be there until 7 pm. I have had pieces of jewelry repaired here and have loved the workmanship. The owner is very knowledgeable of the metals and stones and quality of the jewelry. Plus he is super friendly - all of the staff is.

  • Very professional and the jeweler does excellent repairs to jewelry and sizing of rings. Does outstanding appraisals too! Beautiful jewelry for sale! Totally recommend this jeweler!

  • Lots of 'one of a kind' items. You can create your own designs with the help of the owner!

  • It is great to find a real jeweler, who not only sells but can design, create and repair almost any piece of jewelry. What they have in stock is unusual and priced from very affordable to "Oh, my goodness! Well, I understand, for what it is!". From vintage to ultra modern, if you can't find it here, they can probably make it for you.

  • I have bought earrings, rings and bracelets and on top of that I brought in a great number of vintage necklaces that belong in the family to get them fixed. The stones were all over the place and it was very difficult to understand what belonged to which necklace. James did a fantastic job to figure how to put the pieces together and make them look perfect. Now I’m wearing beautiful pieces that I didn’t even think I had. I’m vet grateful for the great job James did and for the very nice jewelry I purchased for a very good price.

  • They have always done quality work. If you want unusua one-of-a-kind items, they have them. Always pleasant to work with, I highly recommend them.


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