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At Annapolis Jewelers, we understand the value of the almighty Dollar, and the hard work that goes into earning it. Therefore, we strive to bring you best deals for fine jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. Whether it’s for a wedding proposal, anniversary, or any other special occasion, we can fulfill your needs.

Annapolis Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store. We carry the finest bracelets, rings, engagement jewelry, charms, earrings and more. We have been serving the Crofton, Bowie and Annapolis areas since 1991.


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We are a full-service jewelry store, experts in what we provide.

At Annapolis Jewelers, we do all kind of jewelry repairs. Our Master Jewelers have over 45 years of experience in the industry.

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Annapolis Jewelers are also specialists in restoration of fine and costume jewelry.

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Enjoy the luxury of our 0% deferred-interest financing options, tailored to fit your specific

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We are happy to identify items and answer any questions free of charges .


July 7th, 2020

Should I Sell My Old Jewelry I No Longer Need?

Do you have a lot of old jewelry lying around? Are you confused as to what you should do with it? Deciding what to do with your old jewelry can be difficult. Let's go through some of the reasons you may want to sell your old jewelry. Your Jewelry Is Attached To Painful Memories Have you recently gone through a painful divorce? Do you have a lot of old wedding or anniversary jewelry that you can't bear to look at or wear? Well, why not make some money off the remains of your marriage? Selling your old jewelry can be ...

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June 30th, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About the History of Jewelry

With over 800 historical jewels, Kazumi Arikawa currently ranks as the man with the most valuable jewelry you could ever imagine in the world. Such a collection of jewelry would easily make Kazumi fit into the ancient ruling class. Jewelry has had a historical linkage to royalty since antiquity. The value attached to such jewels to date is the reason for the booming modern jewelry industry. But where did all this begin?  The history of jewelry is intriguing. You may need to travel back in time as early as during the ancient Roman history. So buckle up, as we ...

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April 27th, 2020

4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Jewelry Design

Buying jewelry is always exciting. In fact, more than 38 million people buy a new piece of fine jewelry each year. While the reason behind those purchases ranges from gift-giving to accessorizing, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: it’s the best way to showcase your personality. Fine jewelry can last for decades and while existing collections are beautiful, they’re not always ideal. If you’re looking to get the best value and most unique look, investing in a custom jewelry design is an absolute must. Here are a few great reasons to work with a jeweler ...

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  • Recently moved to Annapolis. I had used a jewelers for 20 years at my last residence. They were impeccable and skilled. I had HIGH EXPECTATIONS when I was in search of a new jewelers closer to my home!!! I found this at Annapolis Jewelers!!! James is a gifted artist with gorgeous unique creations. So helpful and patient!! I would refer this jewelers to any one in search of buying jewelry, repairs or specially designed pieces.

  • James was friendly and knowledgeable. I stopped in on a whim to see if I could get an antique baby locket cleaned and put on a new necklace with a more secure clasp. Not only could he do it , he did right there and then and I walked out of the store  15 min later with my necklace cleaned and secured with a new jump ring and clasp! Pricing was fair and I would recommend him over any large mall jewelry store if you are looking for a repair. He also seemed to have a varied selection of jewelry of all types for sale. Give the local independent guy  try !

    B S

  • This is by far one of the best Jewelers I've ever had the pleasure of working with totally professional from start to finish. I had a ring custom made here and it turned out better than I could have imagined. Thank you guys for everything I will definitely be back.

  • This is a awesome store.!  coming here is super easy . Parking in front . And the customer service is awesome. If you been driving by ,you need to stop in and see. It will be worth your time..! James is very attentive even when there is other customers ,you feel like home. The design process is made very easy. Thank god ! :). He bought the extra gold from the worn out ring and paid us twice as much as the guy down the street ! . I would highly recommend this place and James very honest and takes time to explain things .. you don’t find that anymore ..he was a recommendation to me and I feel I should do the same service for the next person.. wish he was open on Mondays but everyone deserves a day off !:)

  • Expert work!

  • Few things in life are as monumental as getting engaged. You want everything to be just right and James goes above and beyond to ensure that everything is perfect. He worked endlessly on my behalf to bring my vision to life and the finished product reflects that in every regard. I cannot recommend him and this team highly enough.

  • Very easy, enjoyable process buying 2 wedding rings. After having an issue purchasing at another area jeweler,  Annapolis Jewelers and Precious Metals helped us get the rings we wanted and when we went to pick them up they looked great and the price was actually lower than what was quoted. And both rings were able to be engraved at no extra cost. Highly recommend for anyone looking to buy engagement/wedding rings.

  • James was great. I purchased a watch band a few years back that kept coming off, because it wasn’t the right fit. James took extra time fashioning a pin that would hold securely. Not a big money maker, but it didn’t matter. He’s all about customer service and quality.

  • I've passed this "little secret" a thousand times! I finally stopped in on my way to emissions for a watch battery. SO glad I did! Not only do they have GORGEOUS, UNIQUE pieces of jewelry (that really is artwork), they have a PROFESSIONAL GOLDSMITH! Life is about each one teaching another one. I learned about watch batteries (yes...not one-size-fits-all) and gaskets! And with teaching came a dose of old-fashioned customer service topped with a smile and sealed with a handshake! Sad to say that that is rare these days....but it is. It was refreshing! I won't pass it by any longer! I've got my eye on a bracelet! Thanks, James! I appreciate you!

  • Great jeweler!! Fast and convenient. Very nice people. James does quality work!!


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