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6 Engagement Ring Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Published February 27th, 2023 by Annapolis Jewelers

Love is in the air. Sometimes it feels like you can't scroll through your social media pages without seeing engagement announcements. Around 1,825,743 people get engaged each year to the love of their life. 

Most people propose to their partners with an engagement ring to symbolize their devotion. If you're buying a ring for an upcoming engagement, you want to get something that they'll love. However, there are many engagement ring buying mistakes that some people might encounter. 

Don't worry — we're going to talk about the top six engagement ring buying mistakes people make. Avoid making them so you can ensure you have a flawless engagement. 

1. Failing to Set a Budget

You should start saving for an engagement ring as soon as you know you want to marry your partner. There are two reasons you should do this:

  1. You spend more than you expect to
  2. You might not have enough money

You don't want to start your marriage and wedding planning by already being in debt over the ring. Get started by comparing ring prices so you know how much you want to spend. 

2. Not Asking for Advice 

Buying a wedding ring should be a group activity. Ask her close friends and loved ones for advice on what type of ring she'd like. 

Some women might share engagement ring ideas with their sisters, mothers, and close friends. They can help you find a ring that your partner will love. 

3. Not Checking Out Reviews

Reading online reviews will show you a lot about a brand and how they operate. People aren't shy when it comes to sharing their opinions, especially when they're negative. 

Read the reviews of the rings if you're looking to make an online purchase. You can also head to third-party review sites to read information about local jewelry stores. That'll give you keen insight into whether or not you should give this business your money. 

4. Guessing Your Partner's Ring Size

The last thing you want to experience as you're slipping the ring on your beloved's finger is for it to not fit. Guessing their ring size is a common mistake. There are a few different ways you can figure out her ring size without tipping her off:

  • Ask her friends and family if they know her ring size
  • Taking a ring and tracing it onto a piece of paper
  • Pressing one of her rings into a bar of soap

There are so many different engagement ring sizes. Take the time to get as close to her size as possible. 

5. Failing to Share That You're Going to Propose

Your partner's friends and family are likely very close to you. Let them know that you're planning on proposing. They can help you plan the best surprise engagement for your partner. 

6. Buying a Ring Too Fast

You don't want to rush into purchasing the engagement ring. You can easily make mistakes if you don't take the time to research and think about your purchase. Take three to four weeks to shop for the right engagement ring. 

Avoid Making These Engagement Ring Buying Mistakes

The ring buying process is an exciting time in your life that doesn't have to be stressful. Taking the time to research and avoid making engagement ring buying mistakes ensures your engagement will go off without a hitch. Set yourself up for many years of joy and love to come. 

Annapolis Jewelers and Precious Metals are here to help you through the process. Contact us to get a quote for an engagement ring.

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