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What to Know Before Deciding on Lab Grown Moissanite or Diamond: A Comparison

Published March 30th, 2023 by Annapolis Jewelers

Diamonds may be straightforward to buy, but they require incredible natural forces to create — around 725,000 pounds per square inch to be precise. Fortunately, Mother Nature does that heavy lifting for us so we can experience the joys of getting engaged and shopping for the ideal ring design. 

If you are in the market for a new engagement ring, you may have heard about moissanite vs. diamond. So is this diamond alternative worth the price? Read on to learn some of the important basics about these two wedding ring options. 

How Do Lab Grown Moissanite and Diamonds Compare?

Probably the top questions people have about these two options relate to pricing. Diamonds are usually expensive. Lab grown moissanite is cheaper than a diamond.

In fact, most purchases of moissanite are around one-tenth the cost of a similar-sized diamond. Cost savings can be even more considerable for larger carat purchases. 

Purchasing a large, pristine diamond may hard for some to afford, but a large, high-clarity moissanite gem can deliver many of the same aesthetic results that will awe your fiance's friends.

And you can enjoy those benefits for a fraction of what you would spend on a diamond. The diamond market is tightly controlled.

Durability Comparison

Whether you are looking to buy a new ring or to design your own ring, durability matters. Diamonds are well known for their incredible durability. In fact, they are the hardest natural mineral on Earth.

It is natural to expect those same qualities from any gem or stone that you purchase for something as important as a wedding ring. Diamonds are not indestructible, but they are very resistant to abrasions. The strength of diamonds is part of what adds to their romantic allure.

Moissanite does not fall far behind. The stone is basically a close second when it comes to hardness.

If diamonds are a 10, moissanite is a 9.5. So if you are looking for an incredibly strong centerpiece for an important ring, you can't go wrong with Moissanite.


One of the first things people notice about a precious stone or gem is its brilliance. This refers to the property of how light interacts with the ring centerpiece. 

Many people find that moissanite is actually more brilliant than diamonds. Some people refer to this as a "fire" or "sparkle." This is because moissanite is highly refractive. 

How the diamond or moissanite is cut and polished will have a strong impact on the resulting brilliance. If these characteristics matter to you, take your time and shop around. Some people prefer a pure white effect child others may prefer rainbow-like reflections. 


Some people find that moissanite has a greenish or yellowish hue. The fact is that a high-quality piece of moissanite can be colorless. 

Diamond color varies widely. This is not always a bad thing. This allows customers to shop for diamonds that are pink, yellow, blue, green, or even red. 

Learn More About Moissanite vs. Diamond

There are many fun qualities to explore when looking at moissanite vs. diamond. No matter what your budget or aesthetic aims are, both options can deliver the ring of your dreams. While diamonds continue to be the predominant choice for engagement and wedding rings, don't count moissanite out!

The team at Annapolis Jewelers offers a wide range of jewelry options for your loved one. Shop online to learn more or contact us at any time so we can help you find the perfect ring or jewelry piece.

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