Bridal & Engagement

We Are Happy to Service All Carlynda Jewelers Clients

Bridal & Engagement

Where most people say they carry the most unique design, we actually deliver on that in Annapolis Jewelers. When you visit, you will see just how truly unique our jewelry is. 

We don't focus on having thousands of pieces to pick from. What we do focus on is modifying and customizing jewelry, working with you to make that special moment in your life the very best it can be. Our custom designs are one-of-a-kind. We are listening to you and helping you achieve your goal.

Click the link below to send us your ideas and inspiration to get a quote on a custom piece of bridal jewelry or engagement ring.

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We Are Open & Happy to Serve All Carlynda Jewelers Clients!

All of our services are in full swing and we're adhering to all the most recent social distancing guidelines. Appointments are welcome but not necessary!

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