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How to Find the Best Diamond Cut for Your Engagement Ring

Published October 29th, 2020 by Annapolis Jewelers

Diamonds are forever, but choosing one can be overwhelming. With so much terminology, it can be hard to know if you're picking the right one for your engagement ring. But finding the best diamond cut doesn't have to be difficult.

Here is where you'll learn what to look for when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring. Let's discuss cut.

What Is a Diamond Cut?

"Cut" refers to two aspects in a diamond: the quality and the shape. The cut will tell you what the proportions and symmetry of the diamond is. Proportion and symmetry are what give diamonds their sparkle.

The cut of the diamond also influences the style of the engagement ring. It influences the type of band and how many prongs are on the ring. As well as the overall style that can be influenced by personal taste.

Cut in terms of Quality

The quality is determined by the skill of the craftsperson who carved the raw diamond into a shaped gem. This quality is reflected in how much the diamond sparkles. Higher quality diamonds have more brilliance than those with a lower quality cut.

Diamond cut is rated on a scale from poor to excellent. Here is the full scale:

Poor-The lowest quality of cut. There are visible dark areas with low brilliance and sparkle.

Fair-There are visible dark areas mixed with moderate, uneven brilliance.

Good-A good diamond cut is well-balanced and has a brilliance that is slightly uneven and few visual dark areas.

Very Good-Sparkle and brilliance are well-balanced, there are no visible dark areas.

Excellent-These diamonds have the ideal proportions. They have the most brilliance and sparkle and no visible dark areas.

For an engagement ring, it's best to choose a diamond with a minimum of "good" cut quality.

Cut in terms of Shape

The shape is the diamond cut that most people are probably familiar with. This refers to the appearance of the stone. And if you're picking out an engagement ring, your partner might have preferences to the shape they like.

The most common shapes are round, princess, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, and cushion.

Round -The most popular and sparkliest of the diamond cut. Round diamonds are slightly more expensive because their shape results in the most material loss from a rough diamond. Near-universally liked over 75% of engagement rings are this shape.

Princess -This is a square cut diamond that offers a lot of sparkles. This cut looks great in all carat sizes and flatters all hand types. If your partner likes contemporary jewelry, this is a great shape for them.

Emerald -A rectangular cut that offers long, flashes of light rather than sparkle. It's a vintage cut that has regained popularity.

Marquise -This is a tapered cut that offers a unique and sophisticated style. A marquise diamond will offer plenty of brilliance and sparkle. The long shape can make this diamond look bigger than it is.

Oval -Similar to a round cut, oval offers brilliance and sparkle. It's less traditional than it's more popular counterpart, but offers updated and classic elegance.

Pear-A pear-shaped diamond resembles a teardrop and offers much brilliance and sparkle. This diamond gives off a vintage glam style.


-Described as a square cut with rounded corners, it combines vintage and modern feels. It offers a lot of brilliance and inner sparkle and is great for those with lavish style.

There are more diamond shapes as these are just the most common. There really isn't one best diamond shape for an engagement ring. It comes down to the style and preference of the person wearing it.

Find Your Best Diamond Cut

When choosing the right diamond, there are many aspects you have to look out for. It may seem overwhelming trying to balance those aspects and get the right quality.

Every cut has its own unique beauty and an engagement ring is about the sentimentality behind it. When it comes down to it, finding the best diamond cut is about personal preference.

Allow us to advise you while choosing your engagement ring.


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